READ DESCRIPTION! Custom TV Show Flag Stickers

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Custom TV Show Flag Stickers


How it works:

Each sticker sheet comes with 30 flags, and you can select up to 3 TV shows per sheet (1 TV show = 30 flags, 2 TV shows = 15 flags each, 3 TV shows = 10 flags each). You can select any TV show represented in the photos. In the note to seller of your final order, please copy/paste and fill out the following to let me know which TV shows you'd like.

Sheet 1:
Show #1)
Show #2)
Show #3)

If you're ordering more than 1 sheet, name it Sheet 2, Sheet 3, etc.

Please note that the word "THE" is not included in the alpha order when you're looking through the TV shows. So if you're looking for "The Sinner", it would be under "S" not "T".

If you request a TV show that is not in the directory, your order will be canceled. If I feel like the instructions were not adequately followed, your order also may be cancelled. If I feel like it's something that can be worked out via email, I will contact you though :)

If you're looking for a specific TV show that does not yet have a flag, please join the FB group ( because that is where I will take requests.

Colors may not be exactly as pictured
Printed on matte sticker paper
NOTE: Stickers are not repositionable. Please be gentle with them.

Check out my IG @thestickerparty for more pictures!

* All The Sticker Party stickers have been designed by me unless indicated otherwise. Please do not steal my pictures. Thank you!

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